Case Studies - Fleet Management & GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Case Studies

Learn how businesses of all sizes use WEX Telematics to control costs and assets more precisely. Click through the studies below.

Sea Breeze: Fleet Size 22

Doubling the Industry Average for Stops-Per-Day

Sea Breeze is the largest family-owned manufacturer and distributor of premium beverages on tap in the metro New York—New Jersey area. They keep thousands of restaurants, clubs, healthcare facilities, and schools carefully stocked with fountain drinks to maintain uninterrupted service for customers. To increase capacity without increase costs, Sea Breeze looked for a solution to easily track vehicle location and improve driver efficiency.

  • Knowing real-time vehicle locations
  • Lowering monthly fuel expense
  • Improving delivery time and jobs per day
  • Saved over $70 per vehicle, per month by lowering speeding and unnecessary driving miles
  • Reduced speeding incidents 60% lower than the industry average
  • Increased operating efficiency with 86% daily fleet utilization
  • Making nearly 14 stops per day — 2X the industry average
  • Fewer unsafe driving complaints each month
New Objectives:
  • Reduce idling rates from 29% to 20% for annual savings of $5,972
  • Train and monitor the 4 drivers causing 54% of all speeding incidents
  • Improve dispatch performance and directions with Garmin integration
  • Measure delivery duration by location and by driver

Horizon Services:Fleet Size 143

Efficiently Keeping a Time-Honored Service Promise

Horizon Services provides premium plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sewer and water services to residences across four Mid-Atlantic states. Horizon needed a real-time view of their fleet to improve driver efficiency and operate in a way that could guarantee excellent customer experience every time.


  • Reduce speeding, idling, after-hours vehicle use
  • Validate on-site time and number of daily appointments
  • Reduce employees' use of vehicles for evening side-jobs
  • Improve service profitability

Results using WEX Telematic

  • Vehicle idling down 13%
  • Speeding reduced
  • After-hours vehicle use eliminated
  • Daily fleet utilization rate improved

Savings and Benefits

  • Idling reduction — annual savings of $20,840
  • Speeding reduction — annual savings of $14,600
  • New capacity for one extra job per vehicle, per week — a possible $52,800 annually
  • Effective support for their 100% on-time guarantee ("Our technicians will arrive at the specific quoted time or your service call is free — even if we are 1 minute late."

EDGE Oilfield Services: Fleet Size 233

Business: Oil field Construction Services
Fleet Size: 233 vehicles
Location: Houston, TX

Demonstrating a Sincere Commitment to Safety

EDGE Oilfield services provides high-pressure rental equipment and support for companies who create oil wells in the US and internationally. Integral to EDGE’s quality customer service is safety, which many clients consider the deciding factor when choosing a project vendor or partner. EDGE wanted to improve and highlight their driver safety record.


  • Increase safety for passenger transport
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Increase effectiveness of preventative maintenance program

Results using WEX Telematics

  • “Red-zone” speeding dropped from 15% to less than 5%
  • Reduced average driver speed from 74 mph to 70 mph
  • Speeding events over 80 mph dropped to 0
  • Lowered worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs due to automatic alerts and prompt scheduling

Savings and Opportunities

  • Increased fuel efficiency by 6% —saving $130,000 per year
  • Reduced insurance premiums by 42%
  • Enforced company policy of 70 mph maximum speed limit
  • Idling fell by nearly 5% saving, 573 gallons per month