Fleet Management with Garmin GPS Integration

Fleet Management with Garmin GPS Integration

Fleet Management Made Easy
Automate the flow of detailed driver, vehicle, and fleet performance to every level of management. View, track and document information in real-time so your team has the insights to optimize operations and minimize costs.

Automate and Streamline Fleet Operations

Your Entire Fleet in One View
We give you a centralized view of fleet’s activities so you can quickly analyze key reports and metrics. Gauge the productivity of your entire fleet or click to zoom in on a particular driver or vehicle group.

Reduced Fuel Costs

Stop Wasteful Practices
WEX Telematics shows you where you can address speeding issues, minimize idling, and eliminate unnecessary travel miles – steps that can help you gain 13% annual fuel savings.

Operational Efficiency

Increase Jobs Per Day, Not Headcount
With the clarity WEX Telematics provides, managers are dramatically improving efficiency and performance. Profitability improvements, on average, include 32% higher fleet utilization, 23% more service calls, and 27% to 42% more jobs completed.*

Vehicle Routing

Optimize Driver Effectiveness
Streamline vehicle routing with multiple map views, flexible routing controls, live traffic data, and smart, color icons for information at a glance. Dispatchers can see optimal route solutions and instantly send drivers turn-by-turn instructions.

Garmin Integration

Instant Communication
WEX Telematics integrates with most Garmin devices. Dispatchers can assign new jobs, identify routes, and give turn-by-turn directions through two-way driver messaging.

Driver Performance

Improve Safety and Efficiency
With our quick-scan reports you'll know which drivers habitually speed or idle excessively. Use this information to reward exemplary drivers and inspire better performance in others.