Maintenance Tracking and Fuel Management for Fleets

Fleet Fuel Management and Maintenance Tracking

Save Money on Fuel and Maintenance

WEX Telematics tracking tools, reports, and analysis help fleet managers achieve up to 20% savings on fuel and maintenance. This can translate into a consistent, measurable improvement to your bottom line.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Monitor driver performance
Armed with our reports and alerts, fleet managers can identify and address excessive speeding, idling, acceleration, braking and mileage. Modifying these driver behaviors can reduce fuel consumption by $1,000 per vehicle, per year, and contribute to lower maintenance costs, fewer accidents, and lower insurance rates.

Spend Less on Maintenance

Enhance vehicle performance
Keep your vehicles in peak operating condition with on-time maintenance. Achieve a perfect maintenance record with alerts triggered by actual odometer readings – and know if there's trouble by reviewing engine diagnostic trouble codes. On average companies see an 12.8% reduction in maintenance costs

Eliminate Non-Work Driving

Uncover and address misuse
With our reports, you can track after-hours or weekend vehicle use, replaying actual trips on screen. Often, employees will immediately curb such travel once they know tracking is in use.

Fuel Card Integration

Extend your control
Gain greater control of fleet expenses and while curtailing unauthorized spending by combining WEX Telematics with the WEX Fuel Card. You can limit drivers to making only fuel and service purchases on their cards. Track fuel purchases by vehicle to calculate MPG and gauge service needs. The WEX Telematics Fuel Guard Report helps you prevent fraud by confirming that your company vehicle was at the fueling station when a purchase was made.