Automatic Alerts & Reports - Real Time Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Real Time Fleet Vehicle Tracking - Reports & Automatic Alerts

Real-Time Intelligence for Greater Profitability

With our 25 customizable reports you'll have precise information to detect driver, vehicle or operational issues – and address them for greater efficiency. View reports online, print them, or have them automatically sent to any email inbox or tablet.


Learn More - download a PDF describing our reports in detail.

Enhance Driver Performance

Greater fuel savings and profitability
  • Improve safety and fuel efficiency by detecting drivers who speed often - Speeding Report
  • Address excessive driver idling rates - Idle Time Report
  • Monitor driver departures, arrivals, and time spent at locations. Track drivers' routes and speeds in real time - Activity Detail Report
  • Scan overall fleet activity or drill down by driver - Drive Time Summary


Preserve Your Valuable Vehicles

Minimize vehicle down time
  • Track vehicles, drivers, or equipment relative to landmarks, job sites, or custom-marked areas on a map - Landmark - Geofence Reports
  • Use diagnostic data from vehicles' on-board computers to optimize performance, schedule performance, reduce repair costs – Vehicle Diagnostics


Raise Operational Efficiency

Optimize fleet utilization
  • Detect untapped fleet capacity and more effectively distribute job assignments. Save money by removing unnecessary vehicles from the fleet - Fleet Utilization Report
  • Evaluate fleet activity and resolve billing disputes with the Stop Detail and Activity Reports.
  • Spot potential fraud by comparing locations of WEX Fuel Card purchases with vehicles' GPS locations – Fuel Guard Report
  • Eliminate unauthorized, off-hours use of company vehicles – Odd Hours Report


Automatic Alerts

Keep up with real-time events
Get instant email, text-message or on-screen alerts when a fleet event steps beyond your company business rules. Quick links provide full event details.


Learn More - download a PDF describing our reports in detail.