Easy Compliance Reporting & Fleet Driver Safety

Fleet Driver Safety - Easy Compliance Reporting

Reduce Fleet Risks and Costs

WEX Telematics makes it easy to identify aggressive or dangerous drivers. Managers can monitor driving behavior over time, helping to improve safety, prevent accidents, and save money.

Improve Driver Safety

Prevent accidents, protect passengers
Reduce driver speeding, rapid acceleration and fast braking. You will benefit from lower fuel consumption, less vehicle wear and tear, and up to 38% fewer accidents.*

Earn Lower Insurance Rates

Ongoing savings for safe practices
Insurers recognize the accuracy and safety benefits that fleets achieve with telematics. Most will reward businesses with telematics systems by reducing insurance premiums an average of 10 to 20%.*

Simplify Compliance Reporting

Less time filing, more tax rebates
Simplify fleet reporting requirements with detailed mileage tracking by state. When you combine WEX Telematics with a WEX Fuel Card, your fueling activity and miles traveled are combined in a single report to make IRP/IFTA compliance reporting easier.

Loss Prevention

Increase fleet and equipment security
WEX Telematics pinpoints the location of each vehicle or asset 24 hours a day. Easily manage, inventory, and oversee all company vehicles and equipment. Track and recover stolen property faster by sharing pertinent GPS locations with police.