Fleet Vehicle Tracking and Management Testimonials

Testimonials for Fleet Vehicle Tracking and Management

We have found WEX Telematics to be a vital part of our daily operations. We use this information for both dispatch and diagnostics. We use it when doing payroll to proof the hours handed in by out-of-state techs, as well as those techs that stay overnight. I feel we are much more efficient and green using WEX Telematics. We have saved thousands of dollars in both fuel and labor. I appreciate the changes that are made and updating that is done. I have recently started running the FuelGuard report – another great tool. Keep up the great work and thank you!

Marie Bramblett, Dock & Door Handling Systems, Inc.

WEX Telematics is one of the greatest assets of our company. We know where our vehicles are at all times. The report function allows us to process information more quickly for managerial, analysis and accountability purposes.

Marcia Canny, Lucky Cab

I own a carpet maintenance company. We maintain buildings all over the city. I was noticing how my labor kept creeping up each week, yet actual work had not increased. Once I added WEX Telematics systems, our labor not only went back to where it was, but actually dropped an additional 15%. My men know that they are being tracked every day, and it has made them much more honest.


Jim Lacy, Interior Solutions, LLC

WEX Telematics has improved our fuel cost management and enabled our company to reduce mobilization costs significantly.

Jamie Coleman, Roofing Professionals, Inc.

With the use of WEX Telematics, we are able to track our vehicles and provide our customers with better arrival times. We are able to monitor our progress throughout the day.

Scott Robitaille, Peak Lighting & Electric, Inc.

We’ve reduced unauthorized use and speeding, and are experiencing about a 12% reduction in fuel use. We operate an installation business that facilitates hundreds of installs in customers’ homes daily. The monthly fuel savings cover the cost of the system.

Michael Grives, McLaughlin Communications

We use WEX gas cards in our vans and that was a big selling point for our Board of Directors. They were impressed that I would be able to determine if the card was being used in a different location than the van. We have had a gas card used late at night when the van was parked at the office.

Clydene Nelson, East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging