WEX Telematics Videos - See How it Works

See How WEX Telematics Works - Videos

WEX Telematics: Learn How it Works

WEX Telematics combines GPS fleet tracking with automated reporting and alerts to help you generate significant fuel and maintenance savings.

An Introduction to WEX Telematics

WEX Telematics provides a real-time view of where your vehicles are, what your drivers are doing, and how you can improve their performance.

WEX Telematics combines GPS vehicle tracking with easy-to-use reports to help you boost fleet productivity, lower operating costs, and increase driver and passenger safety. You'll gain fresh insights to help you improve your bottom line – no matter your fleet size or business demands.
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Improve Operational Efficiency with Targeted Reports

WEX Telematics provides you with over 25 fleet and driver reports so you can identify opportunities to improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs.
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Save More by Knowing More

Better asset and fleet tracking helps you plan better while reducing inefficient routing and driving.
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GPS Telematics for Busy People

Find out how to manage your fleet more easily, improve driver performance and reduce fuel consumption— by spending just minutes a week reviewing fleet activity and reports.
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Fuel Guard Protects Your Profitability

WEX Telematics safeguards your company’s money even more effectively when coupled with the WEX Fuel Card.
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